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Carne Asada:Tender sirloin grilled beef
Lengua: Beef tongue
Cabeza: Beef Head
Milanesa de Res: Breaded Steak


Al Pastor: Marinated lean pork
Carnitas: Braised lean pork
Chorizo: Homemade sausage
Ham: Cured, sliced pork
Chile Verde: Tender pork cooked in tomatillo sauce


Pollo: Shredded chicken cooked in gravy
Pollo a la Plancha: Grilled chicken
Milanesa de Pollo: Breaded chicken



Camarones: Sauteed prawns
Camarones Empanizado: Breaded prawns
Pescado: Filet of sole, grilled with butter
Pescado Empanizado: Breaded fish


Hongos: Sauteed mushrooms
Seasonal veggies: On the grill
Chile Verde Tofu: Tofu cooked in tomatillo sauce



CHEESES: Monterey Jack, Mexican, Cheddar

SALSAS: On the House

  • Salsa Fresca: Chopped Tomatoes, Cilantro & Onions
  • Green Salsa: (Mild) Fresh Tomatillos with Serrano Peppers
  • Red Sauce: (Hot) Dry Japanese Pods, Tomatillo, Spices
  • Orange Sauce: Tomatillo, Red Pods, Peanuts, Spices

PEPPERS: On the House

  • Grilled Jalapeños, fresh roasted Jalapeños in soy sauce
  • Fresh Serranos, Fresh Jalapeños
  • Roasted Tomatoes, Serranos & Onions


  • Regular Corn (Tacos, Quesadillas)
  • Regular Flour (Quesadillas, Burritos)
  • Whole Wheat (Quesadillas, Burritos)
  • Gluten Free Brown Rice (Quesadillas)

TACOSSuper and Regular Tacos
Regular Taco:
 Meat of your choice, beans & salsa fresca 2.65

Super Taco: Add cheese, avocado & sour cream 3.45
Regular Veggie Taco: Whole beans, cheese & salsa fresca 2.25
Super Veggie Taco: Add mushrooms, avocado  3.45
Regular Prawn Taco: Sautéed prawns, beans & salsa fresca 3.45
Super Prawn Taco: Add cheese, avocado & sour cream  4.45
Regular Fish Taco: Beans, salsa fresca, lettuce & mayonnaise  3.45
Super Fish Taco: Add cheese & avocado   4.45
Lettuce Taco
: 3 Lettuce tacos filled with your meat choice, whole pinto beans,
veggies & guacamole 8.95
Regular Taco Platter
: 2 regular tacos with rice & beans on the side 8.75
Super Taco Platter
: 2 super tacos with rice & beans on the side 9.85


Regular Burrito: Meat of your choice, beans & salsa fresca 5.99
Super Burrito: Add cheese, avocado & sour cream  6.85
Regular Veggie Burrito: Whole beans, cheese & salsa fresca  3.55
Super Veggie: Add mushrooms, rice & avocado 6.85
Regular Chile Relleno Burrito: Chile relleno, beans & salsa fresca  7.95
Super Chile Relleno Burrito
: Add avocado, cheese & sour cream  7.95

Regular Prawn Burrito: Sautéed prawns, beans & salsa fresca 7.45
Super Prawn Burrito: Add cheese, avocado & sour cream 8.45
Regular Fish Burrito: Grilled fish, lettuce, beans & salsa fresca 7.45
Super Fish Burrito: Add cheese, avocado, lettuce & mayonnaise  8.45
B.J.J. Burrito: Black beans, melted cheese, sautéed mushrooms grilled onions, salsa fresca,
avocado & lettuce, on whole wheat tortilla   7.99

Sky’s Special: Grilled super burrito stuffed with grilled steak & chicken fajitas 8.85
Plantain Super Burrito
: Fried plantain, organic brown rice, organic black beans, cheese,
salsa, avocado & sour cream wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla 8.95
Regular Chile Relleno Burrito
7.95   Super 8.95

 QUESADILLASChicken Quesadilla
*Come with Monterey Jack Cheese (With or without salsa)
Add Guacamole, Lettuce & Sour Cream for 1.50

Regular Flour Quesadilla: Grilled tortilla with cheese 2.95
Super Flour Quesadilla: Add meat of your choice  6.95
Super Mushroom Flour Quesadilla: Sautéed mushrooms 6.75
Super Prawn Flour Quesadilla: Sautéed on butter 8.45
Super Fish Flour Quesadilla: Grilled fish, lettuce & mayonnaise 8.45
Regular Corn Quesadilla: Grilled corn tortilla with cheese  1.25
Super Corn Quesadilla: Add meat of your choice  3.45
Super Prawn Corn Quesadilla: Sautéed on butter  3.95
Super Fish Corn Quesadilla: Grilled fish, lettuce & mayonnaise 3.95
Gluten Free Rice Quesadilla
: Grilled rice tortilla with cheese 3.75
Super Gluten Free Rice Quesadilla
: Add meat of your choice 7.25

BREAKFASTBistec a lo Pobre
*Served with beans, potatoes & tortillas

Omelet a la Mexican: 3 eggs, sauteed veggies & 2 types of cheeses with
your choice of bacon, ham, or homemade chorizo  8.95
Breakfast Plate
: Scrambled eggs with chorizo or ham, sautéed onions, bell
peppers & tomatoes 8.95
: Fried tortilla slices scrambled with eggs, on a tomatillo sauce 8.95
Huevos Rancheros:
Eggs on top of grilled corn tortillas  8.95
Huevos a la Mexicana
: Scrambled eggs, cooked with onions, tomatoes &
serranos peppers  8.95
Breakfast Burrito
: Scrambled eggs with chorizo or ham, sautéed onions, bell
peppers & tomatoes  5.95
Jr. Breakfast Burrito
: 2 eggs, potatoes & cheese (medium size)  3.45
Jr. Protein Burrito
: 2 eggs, beans & potatoes (medium size)  3.45
Breakfast Torta
: Toasted french bread, scrambled eggs, ham or chorizo & melted cheese 6.45
: Meat of your choice, 3 scrambled eggs, fried onions, French fries,chorizo, guacamole,
& covered in hot sauce 10.95
Bistec a lo Pobre
: Steak, 2 fried 2 eggs, fried onions & French fries 10.95
Machaca Plate
: With carnitas & scrambled eggs 9.85


*Mexican-style toasted French bread sandwhiches
Torta: Meat of your choice, melted cheese, mayonnaise, sour cream, lettuce,
tomatoes, fresh avocado slices, onions  6.95

Torta Cubana: Like a regular Torta with carnitas, chorizo, ham 8.45
: Steak & cheese, mayonnaise, tomatoes, & mashed avocado 8.45
Torta with Steak, Lengua, or Fish
: 8.45
Torta de Milanesa de Res
: Like a regular Torta with tender breaded beef 8.45
Torta de Milanesa de Pollo
: Like a regular Torta with Breaded Chicken 8.45

Chips & Salsa Fresca 1.75 add Fresh Guacamole for 2.95
Regular Nachos
With Monterey Jack cheese, beans, salsa fresca & sour cream  4.75
Appetizer Platter: 2 flour quesadillas, 3 chicken flautas, guacamole, tomatoes, sour
cream & lettuce  10.95 add Chicken in 1 Quesadilla  2.50
Steak Fries: Like Super Nachos but with french fries 8.95

SEAFOOD Fish Plate
*Served with white rice & tortillas (Corn or Flour), or choose rice & beans.

Filet fish: Sautéed in butter  11.95 
Pescado Empanizado: Breaded filet of sole, served like the Filet of Fish  12.95
Camarones Empanizado
: 12 breaded prawns    12.95  

Prawn Fajitas: Prawns with bell peppers, onion, tomatoes on the grill  12.95
Camarones a la Diabla: Sautéed prawns in spicy sauce  12.95
Camarones al Mojo de Ajo: Sautéed prawns in garlic sauce  12.95 
Caldo de Camarones: Prawn soup with veggies  12.95
7 Mares: A soup with a mix of seafood  13.95 
Cocktail de Camarones: Shrimps cocktail  10.45 
Campechana: Octopus & shrimp  13.95 
Tostada de Ceviche de Camarones  5.95
Low Carb Fish
: Filet of sole, fresh sautéed mushrooms, romaine salad,tomatoes cucumbers, olives, & avocado slices, seasoned with lemon, olive oil, & salt  11.85

Served with rice, beans, salsa fresca, green salad, avocado slices & *corn or flour tortillas.

Enchiladas Rojas (2): (Chicken) Home made red sweet sauce  9.85 
Enchiladas Verdes (2): (Chicken) Tomatillo green spicy sauce  9.85
Enchiladas Suizas (2): (Chicken) Creamy mild green sauce  9.85
Flautas (3): Chicken or pork, with guacamole & sour cream  9.85
Chile Relleno*(1): (Made with Mexican cheese)   9.85
Tamales Plate (2): (Chicken or Pork)  9.85
Combination Plate: One enchilada & one tamale  9.85
Meat of your choice Plate (half a pound of meat)  9.85  Beef  10.85  Seafood  11.85 
Bistec a la Mexicana: (Bistec ranchero) Tender sirloin steak, sautéed onions, with
home made spicy sauce 9.85

Fajitas: Meat of your choice, sautéed bell peppers, onions & tomatoes * 9.85
Mixed Fajitas: Grilled chicken breast & steak, sautéed bell peppers, onions & tomatoes, served with sour cream & guacamole * 10.85
Chimichanga Plate
: Deep fried burrito with meat & cheese, served with guacamole, sour cream, lettuce & Mexican Cheese  9.85

SOUPSSoup (Estofado)

Estofado: Chopped beef cooked in tomato broth base, onions, & potatoes  10.85   
Sopa Azteca: Tomato broth tortilla soup, served with Mexican cheese & avocado 6.45  add chicken  2.00
Menudo: (Saturday’s & Sunday’s Only) 8.45
Caldo de Res:
Beef stew, made fresh daily with vegetables 10.95
Caldo de Pollo
: Chicken stew, made fresh daily with vegetables 8.95
Bowl Chicken Broth with Veggies
: 2.95

Taco Salad
: Flour tortilla shell, romaine lettuce, green onions, topped with grilled chicken breast or your meat choice, with ranch dressing garnished with tomatoes, olives, avocado & cheese (ask for ranch or olive oil dressing)  8.95  Beef: 9.95  Seafood  11.95       

Low Carb Plate: Grilled chicken breast in fresh sautéed mushrooms romaine salad, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives & avocado seasoned with olive oil & lemon juice 9.85 
Spring Salad: Romaine lettuce, cucumbers, olives, red onions, avocado, tomatoes, chips, seasoned with olive oil, lemon & salt avocado 5.95  add grilled chicken  3.00  add Fish or 10 Prawns  5.00

SIDE ORDERS beans-black-pinto-refried
One Enchilada or Tamale
 (chicken or pork)  4.95

One Tostada: Meat of your choice, beans, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado,
sour cream & Mexican cheese  4.95
One Sope: Mashed beans, meat of your choice, lettuce, tomatoes,
guacamole, sour cream & Mexican cheese  4.95
Flautas/Taquitos: 3 flautas (chicken, pork, potatoes), lettuce,
salsa fresca, guacamole, Mexican cheese, sour cream  7.95

One Chile Relleno:Salsa ranchera on top, lettuce, salsa fresca  5.95
One Fried Plantain: Served with sour cream  3.95
Bowl of Mexican Rice:  2.45
Bowl of Pinto Beans: Whole or refried  2.45
Bowl of White Rice: Topped with chicken gravy  2.45
Bowl of White Rice with Mushrooms  4.45
Bowl of White Rice with Chicken  4.95
Bowl of Organic Brown Rice  2.95

Order of Tortillas, Corn (4), Flour (3)  1.50
Extra Avocado: for Taco 0.50 for Plate, Burrito or Flour Quesadilla 0.75
Extra Meat
: for Tacos 1.00  for Plates, Burrito or Flour Quesadillas  2.50.
Gluten Free (Brown Rice) Tortilla 1.50
French Fries 2.75

Soft drinks / Ice tea    Medium 1.65 Large 1.85
Fresh fruit drinks   Medium 1.95  Large 2.95
Jarritos (Strawberry, Mandarin, Sangria & Tamarindo) 2.45
Mexican Coca Cola in a glass bottle   Regular 2.25  Extra Large 2.75
Domestic Beer (Budweiser & Bud Light) 3.50
Mexican Beer (Modelo Negro y Especial, Corona, Pacifico, Dos Equis) 4.50
Glass of wine (Chardoney, Cabernet)  4.95
Bottle of water/ Hot tea / Coffee   1.45
Fresh squeezed Orange, Carrot & Beet juice  4.95
Fresh Banana & Strawberry Smoothie  12 oz  3.95  24oz  4.95
Margarita:*Lime  6.45 Strawberry, Mango or Peach  6.95
Chavela:*with your choice of beer  5.45
Michelada:*with your choice of beer  5.95
*Uses Mexican Agave, La Quinta de Pro and served in salted, frozen mug

VEGANVegan Breakfast Chilaquiles

Vegan Chilaquiles Plate: Chopped corn tortillas grilled & tossed with onions,
tomatoes, serrano peppers, tofu & tomatillo sauce, served with potatoes,
whole pinto beans, salsa fresca & guacamole  8.95

*Plates below served with Mexican rice & whole pinto beans
Chile Verde Tofu Plate: Tofu in spicy verde sauce & sautéed veggies  8.95
Veggie FajitasSautéed onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, &
seasonal veggies, served with tortillas  8.95

Potato Enchiladas: Served with red or green sauce 8.95
3 Flautas (Taquitos) Plate: Stuffed with potatoes  8.95
Vegan Tamale Plate: 2 tamales, filled with veggies & covered in ranchera sauce  9.85
Vegan Burrito: Whole wheat tortilla, mushroom fajitas, organic black beans &
brown rice, salsa fresca, avocado, mild sauce then grilled  7.99

Plantain Burrito: Whole wheat tortilla, fried plantain, organic black beans &
brown rice, salsa fresca, avocado, mild sauce then grilled  8.45

Vegan Salad: Romaine lettuce, chopped & tossed with red onions, avocado,
tomatoes, cucumbers, olives & sesame seeds, over a layer of organic black beans,
served with chips  7.95

Vegan Taco: Mashed organic blackbeans & quinoa, salsa & avocado  8.95
Vegan Tostada: Mashed pinto beans, sautéed mushrooms, lettuce, chopped
tomatoes, & avocado  4.45

Vegan Sope: Organic black beans, sautéed veggies, lettuce, chopped tomatoes,
& guacamole 4.45

Veggie Bowl of Soup: Seasonal veggies with organic brown rice 3.95

CHILDREN’S MENUchild-plate-4
*(Drink Included) 4.95

#1 Meat of your choice plate: With rice, beans & a corn quesadilla
#2 Flour Quesadilla: With ham or cheese, lettuce, tomatoes & sour cream
#3 Beans & Cheese Burrito: With chips on the side
#4 Mini Nachos: Chips & melted Monterey Jack cheese, beans, tomatoes, lettuce & sour cream


Fruit Salad: Served with ice cream 4.25
Flan: Homemade Mexican style custard, decorated with whip cream and a cherry on top 4.25
Churros: 2 crispy churros filled with caramel 2.75 with ice cream 4.75
Plantains with Ice Cream 4.25