Regular Taco Bar

Only $14.95 per serving

– Housemade Chips & Salsa Fresca
– Pollo (Mexican style white chicken meat or grilled chicken) & Carnitas (Braised Lean Pork) or Chile Verde (spicy green pork) or Al Pastor (marinated pork)
– Mexican Rice
– Refried Pinto Beans
– Tortillas (corn and flour)
– Salsas: mild green tomatillo, mild orange (contains peanuts), Molcajete (roasted fresh serrano chile) mild, pickled jalapeños & hot red sauce, made with roasted dry chile pods.

Customize Your Package

Additional Choices

Additional Meat Choices

$2 per serving, $3 for Camarones

Rice and Beans Options

$1.00 per serving


Enchiladas, Quesadillas, Flautas, Fajitas and more ($3.95 per serving)

Enchilada Choices

Quesadilla Choices

Flauta Choices

Fajita Choices


Tamales, Sopes, Salad ($4.95 per serving)

Tamale Choices

Sope Choices

Ceviche Tostada ($6.95 per serving)

Ceviche Tostada Choices


$1.95 per serving, $2.95 for Jarritos and Aguas Fresca


$3.95 per serving

Utensil Sets

$1.45 per person

Total: $14.95