• Churros dulce de leche


    (2) Fried Mexican pastry rolled in sugar and cinnamon, stuffed with dulce de leche.

  • Churros a la Modé


    (2) dulce le leche churros served with ice cream

  • Flan


    Adelitas house made sweetened custard with a caramel glaze

  • Fried Ice Cream


    Breaded scoop of ice cream ready to be deep-fried; creating a warm & crispy shell around the still-cold ice cream.

  • Plantains a la mode


    Plantains seasoned & lightly fried, served with ice cream

  • Fried Plantain


    Crispy, freshly fried plantain chips.

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    Plain Churros


    2 Deep fried pastry sticks sprinkled with powdered sugar & cinnamon.

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