Born in Mexico, Felipe came to the USA  when he was 21. Missing his home he realized his love for Mexican food.  He was young and determined to learn from the best, he was offered an opportunity at La Taqueria on Mission St in San Francisco, CA. He was promoted to chef and then manager in a single year.

In California he met his Chilean wife, Patricia. They moved to Chile to start a family and  opened their first restaurant in Vina del Mar, Chile. It was also Vina’s first Mexican restaurant, it had a full bar and was the place to go in the 90s. After 10 years of missing the states they returned to California, ready to begin anew.

They opened “Adelita’s” on August 29th, 1998. Slowly, they built their menu. Patricia’s love of healthy eating & lifestyle began popping up in the menu. So much so that now, they offer a vegan menu, gluten free & organic options for those wanting a healthier lifestyle. In 2010 they expanded to build a new bar, more tables, and a bigger kitchen to serve those wanting authentic Mexican food, a few Chilean dishes as well as many healthy and organic options, including Adelita’s take on vegan and vegetarian dishes. 


“Our goal is to serve our community by offering authentic fresh Mexican food as well as healthy options that the average person isn’t used to or hasn’t tasted. We want to offer food options that  make a difference in our body as well as the planet. We encourage those who eat from the regular menu also try our vegan options. We’re here to serve and encourage satisfying family and friendly connections through food. This is why we offer a large variety of items. All our food is made with the main ingredient that makes any dish tasty- with love.”