Soft Drink (S) : Pepsi, Crush, Canada Dry$1.65
Soft Drink (M)$2.75
Soft Drink (L)$3.25
Agua Fresca (M): Horchata, Melon, Tamarindo$3.45
Agua Fresca (L)$3.95
Power JuiceFresh green veggies mixed with nopales & orange juice Add Chia $1.00$6.45
Fresh Juice: Orange, Carrot$5.95
Smoothie: Strawberry, BananaFresh banana or strawberry smoothie$5.95
Jarritos: Tamarind, Fresa, MandarinStrawberry, mandarin, sangria & tamarindo$3.15
Mexican Coke$3.95
Soda Can$1.85
Bottle of Water$1.75
Mineral Prep$5.95
Sangria Preparada$6.95
Shirley Temple$5.25
Café de Olla$3.25
Hot Mexican Chocolate$2.95
Hot TeaBlack, green or herbal$2.25
Regular Coffee$2.25