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    Chimichanga Vegan

  • Combination Plate Vegan


    One potato enchilada with green or red sauce. One vegan tamale. Rice and Beans.

  • Flautas ALC Vegan

  • Small Soup Vegan

  • Tamale ALC Vegan

  • Vegan Fajitas Plate


    Sauteed seasonal veggies served with Mexican rice, whole pinto beans & spring mix. 4 corn or 3 flour tortillas.

  • Vegan Salad


    Black beans & quinoa nestled under romaine lettuce, spring mix, red onions, avocados, tomatoes, cucumbers, black olives & sesame seeds w, sprinkled with our house chips and seasoned with our Adelita’s vinaigrette house dressing.

  • Vegan Taco Salad

  • Vegan Chilaquiles Plate


    Scrambled tofu sauteed with onions, tomatoes, serrano and fried slices of corn tortilla, glazed with tomatillo green sauce, served with grilled potatoes,  black beans, salsa fresca & avocado

  • Chile Verde Tofu Plate


    Tofu simmered in tomatillo sauce and sauteed with seasonal veggies, served with whole pinto beans & Mexican rice. 4 corn or 3 flour tortillas.

  • Vegan Plantain Burrito


    Black beans, fried plantains, brown rice, salsa fresca, avocado, molcajete sauce, finished with whole wheat tortilla on the grill.

  • Vegan Burrito


    Mushroom fajitas in a molcajete sauce, black beans, brown rice, salsa and avocado, on a  grilled whole wheat tortilla

  • Vegan Sope


    Puréed black beans nestled under sauteed seasonal veggies,  guacamole & cabbage mix, on our house made organic corn sopes (2)

  • Vegan Enchilada Plate


    2 Potato enchiladas glazed with our house green tomatillo sauce (mild) or red mole sauce (sweet); served with whole pinto beans, Mexican rice & spring mix.

  • Vegan Taco


    Quinoa & brown rice blend, black beans, salsa fresca, avocado & cabbage mix.

  • Taco Mex


    Grilled corn, veggies,black beans, molecajete sauce, avocado and cilantro.

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