Side Orders

Beans 8 oz.$3.45
Rice & Beans 12 oz.steamed or mexican rice with whole or refried pinto beans$5.75
Rice 8 oz.$3.45
Bowl of Rice & Mushrooms 12 oz.$8.95
Bowl of Rice with Chicken 12 oz.$8.95
Rice & Meat 12 oz.$8.95
Potato Salad$4.25
French Fries$4.95
Fried Plantainsauteed plantain served with sour cream$4.95
Tortillas4 corn, 3 flour or 1 GF Teff Tortilla$1.95
Guacamole 6 oz.$5.45
Veggies 8 oz.$4.00
Hot Sauce (Red, Green, Orange) 8oz$3.95
Hot Sauce (Red, Green, Orange) 12oz$5.65
Enchilada Sauce (Red, Green, Suiza) 8oz$3.95
Enchilada Sauce (Red, Green, Suiza) 12oz$5.65
Chicken Gravy 8oz$3.95
Chicken Gravy 12oz$5.65
Egg (1)$2.00